"Planting & Eating"
what you plant is what you'll eat

"A Floating Amphitheatre"
This is a floating amphitheater, or maybe the atlas that has carried it all along.

This place is a very new place in the environment, many people will talk about it and are curious about the design.

The design of this building is the result of the competition and the one that was built. I think at that time the architect had a strong idea and foundation for his design and managed to bite the apple of the judges. and he won!

"Through the Jungle"
We have to go through the forest when we want to go to this learning courtyard.

"Literally a Learning Courtyard"
Designed so that open space becomes a new learning place, a place where students socialize, gather, study and group together.

"Let's watch together"
Of course it's free!

A pod adalah salah satu spot tempat berkumpul para mahasiswa untuk belajar, yang kalau disusun seperti permainan uno stacko.