"Boxes and Dialog"
This green stacking box house has a strong character in form and mass. It's heavy but light, that's what I can draw on this illustration, oh, and it's also fun, maybe he looks stiff, but still very pleasant, seems closed, but actually still able to communicate.

"Minecraft - Alam Sutera Edition"
Because of its strict character, this house looks like the buildings in the game "Minecraft", legit.

"Minecraft - Alam Sutera Edition"
I think it is fun to create this piece into a perfect line and get a high score when making it.

"LEGO - Alam Sutera Edition"
Again, i think this house is fun to explore, design, and build.

"a Vast Universe"
in one room there is a circulation ramp that connects the ground floor and the floor above. this room is very spacious and with the skylight, making this room an open and wide universe.