The Illustration that i made is the result of my opinion from the side that is not conveyed either in a story or visual manner. 
The illustration in IZE Gili tells of a celebration of tropical atmosphere and an exploration of happiness.
I see that the arrangement of patterns in the hotel rooms is the way the architect creates stories, and a feel of explore the space like in "Pacman" game. By placing several works of art in every corner, visitors can enjoy or even not enjoying the artwork that they found during the exploration. Like in the "Pacman", either you afraid of the ghosts, or even the ghosts who is afraid of you. Whether you like it or not, the story is hidden in an amazing environment.

Where the hills and the sea met
IZE Gili is a place where the views between sunrise and sunset meet, also a place where the hills and beaches meet. Like a meeting between men and women, and they fall in love since then

Service Radius
The Hotel has 4 service center points which have a 15 meter radius of room coverage

EATEat the freshest seafood here


Gimme The Sun
Yes you can get plenty of sunshine as a tropical celebration, who doesn't like the tropical climate? just admit it!

Explore The Space
There are only two choices, you want to go up the hill orto the beach, both are amazingly beautiful

The labyrinth created from the mass play on the hotel building units creates labyrinths where several angles have their respective attractions as filler ornaments between sequences. Just like the Pacman game, corridors have points that must be followed and some angles are filled with bonus points


Ceiling arrangement at the beach club is taken from the concept of terracing rice fileds. it is litterally a rise fileds.