Imah Beresih

Ethical standards and social equity , People The project expands the definition of sustainability beyond ecological terms into the area of social sustainability.Engaging involvement of inhabitant, therefore they will understand how hygenity quality could improve their life equally.Project provide necessary sanitation system infrastructure, public spaces in the overly dense fabric in the form of a dynamic and productive zone available to all The design process is built on community participation in both the initial design phase and in the end use of the space. Innovation and transferability , Progress It is a conceptual prototype and adaptable framework that encourages flexibility and a critical re-thinking of new design approaches and processes in these spaces. The system can be readily applied in other locations as it relies only upon low-technology and local manual labor Environmental quality and resource efficiency , Planet Water that was once a thread is now serve as a resource. Wetlands filter the water through the site, which can be used for irrigation (in urban agriculture) and gray-water applications filtered through several processes of filtration. Economic performance and compatibility , Prosperity This project fits into a dense fabric kampong that will upgrading projects financed by the city. There are two aim in economic performance; short and long term prospect. The short term is shown through the availability of plaza market and increased productivity for daily peddler across the bridge. The long term prospect is the priceless education impact for inhabitant through learning center that associated by local goverment.y Contextual and aesthetic impact , Proficiency The site is fundamentally transformed from an inaccessible and irresponsible landfill along the riverside into a desirable and productive space.