Link – Scape

Link-Scape Tower is proposed to bring people into the nature, as part of the mission is to demonstrate how humans can dwell in the world without destroying life sustaining ecosystems. To provide a high quality living environment, the use of limited land must be prioritized between competing national needs such as housing, transport and commercial uses.

Exposing Nature, Enclosing Urbanism

Reconnecting habitats – nature conquers over manmade structures

The initial idea is to connect the existing green points in Singapore, with tower that spans from one green point to another. Link-Scape Tower act as bridges that connect habitats, showing more affection to nature and wildlife.

Balancing between commercial and residential zoning

Dwelling for residents are combined into the Link-Scape Tower and to be distributed at various areas in Singapore, including at city area near offices and commercial centers. The intention is to reduce the need to travel and peak hour traffic congestion.

Adopt innovative ideas to improve living environment and optimize land use

Link-scape Tower act as massive water harvesting, which rain water falls down to the rainforest above and being distributed along the arc surface. The pressure which comes from gravity of rainwater downpipe is utilized for the elevator system from the residential units to the city area underneath. A layer of reflective ceiling is implemented to allow sun light to come into the residential units and common spaces in between.