Micro Climate House

Located in Semarang, one of the most climate driven city in Indonesia, Microclimate house was served as manifesto of an idea that showing the extend of tropical architecture could be. Which the idea is to blend the definition between indoor and outdoor space yet providing a decent thermal comfort and privacy to live and life as the tropical being.

As the project itself is meant to be a rejuvenation project from a pretty decent existing building, the main idea to maximizing the existing structure and spaces is which driven the massing and spaces of the microclimate house design. The immediate experiment of space was taken by maximizing the height control and taken the maximum site coverage allowed to reclaim the spaces as an internal loft and luxuries atmosphere of internal greeneries. New internal massing was inserted as a plain transparent glasses to ensure the visibility throughout the development, which later the envelope was defined differently from the existing massing resulted in the more articulated 2 types of material crafted into a single piece of artwork form.

Playful element was not stopping there, design was trying to pushed the boundaries and main paradigm of how a house should looks like by proving that build project was not for human but also for nature to live harmonically manifested in facade and main face of the project. Putting more concern into new rich experience of volume experiment and indoor outdoor feeling is the key of a new luxuries that was offered to client, and yet for common public. Microclimate house is a key of the new prototype offering “Sustainable Hedonism” , which will be a new lead of trend of having more sustainable development as a fame for others.

As the main goal of the design, is to prove that building a low energy yet attractive and passive in a place that average temperature is above the standard possible. Creating perception and paradigm that cheating the climate and average condition is indeed possible by some touch of landscape-architecture in rather quite large footprint providing a more comprehensive own micro climate.